Trash The Lens

Journeys and photos


Hi, my name is Tomek and I consider myself neither a photographer nor a traveler. Yet, I do travel whenever I get a chance and take pictures while I'm at it. Surprisingly, some of them come out decent.

While fascinated by the far east, I also feel the calling of the north and return there as often as I can.

My interests in photography revolve mainly around landscape, cityscape and destination themes. Even though some of my photos feature people, I tend to present them as part of the environment rather than the main subject. I simply don't care for sticking a lens in someone's face.

I live in Poland, and so far I've been lucky enough to visit the following places:

  • Canada: Alberta and British Columbia (2012)
  • China: Mainland (2010)
  • China: Hong Kong (2016)
  • Denmark (2010)
  • Faroe Islands (2013)
  • Iceland: All Around the Island (2009)
  • Iceland: South (2013, 2019)
  • Iceland: Snæfellsnes (2015)
  • Japan: Honshu and Kyushu (2011)
  • Japan: Honshu in Autumn (2014, 2019)
  • New Zealand: North and South Islands (2014)
  • Norway: South (2009)
  • Norway: Lofoten Islands (2016)
  • Singapore (2013)

If you feel like contacting me for some reason, you can email me at tomek(at)