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Across Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong, the "Fragrant Harbour". At least that's what the name translates to. I can't help but wonder if it shouldn't be perhaps renamed to "Smoggy Harbour". This would be closer to reality. Don't get me wrong, I loved the city, it's wonderful in its own unique and quirky way. The elevated walkways cutting through office towers, the hiper-dense residential areas and the waterfronts. A blend of British and Chinese. But the combination of a humid, subtropical climate and the pollution being blown in from mainland China makes it sometimes really hard to bear. The air feels just... sticky.

Definitely one of the highlights of Hong Kong is its skyline when viewed across Victoria Harbour. Contrary to Singapore, where the CBD seems relatively compact if seen from Marina Bay area, the Hong Kong skyline is more of a panoramic. Stretched along the shore, but also much more distant.

While it would be nice to see it on a clear day through crisp air, I don't think it would feel authentic. It's the foggy, smoggy, humid and hot evenings that are in my mind what current day Hong Kong is all about.

Hong Kong Skyline

They have no regard for us, poor photographers, struggling to find a composition that works. They could have at least kept the buildings more or less equal in height! ;-) (2016-04-12 Hong Kong)