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It was one of those ugly days when it's neither winter nor spring, the snow was thawing, rain started to pour and just getting out of the bed seemed like a hard thing to do. But I had to drive from the wonderful village of Å to the not-so-wonderful Ballstad, so I decided to drop by Nusfjord on my way there. At first it seemed overrated. I strolled around depressed by the weather, got bored, and even played a harmless prank on a guy who was changing shoes leaning against my rental car. I remotely turned on the noisy parking heater which scared the hell out of him.

I did two circles around the village without even taking my camera out and headed for the car, disappointed. But then I came across this location and suddenly it all clicked into place. I knew I had to get as high as I could to separate the rorbu houses from the cliff in the back, and I also had to make it a long exposure so that the water would look as featureless as the sky to make the rorbus and the cliff stand out as main subjects. So here it is.

Nusjord, Lofoten Islands, Norway

I didn't like the image at first, but it grew on me and now I think it's one of the better ones from this trip. (2016-03-01 Nusfjord, Lofoten Islands, Norway)