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The Drinking Troll

The sea-stack of Hvítserkur, which is said to be a troll turned to stone, was one of the spots I wanted to visit for a long time, and during my June 2015 trip to Iceland I finally managed to do so. I've always imagined it to be more tree-dimensional but as it turns out it's actually quite flat. More like a cardboard cutout of a troll than the real thing. Not that I've seen many trolls, apart from those working in public and governmental offices...

Had I wanted a spiffy, colorful photo, I should have driven there for the sunrise (2-3 a.m. or so...). But instead, I got there on an overcast evening with the tide coming in -- just about perfect for my Tempest-tossed Islands series

I don't expect this photo to win any popularity contests, but I'm quite fond of it. I guess I've always had a thing for diagonal compositions. (2015-06-05 Vatnsnes, Iceland)