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Along Lake Pukaki

This is a tough one. The RAWs have been sitting on my disk for a year and a half now and during this time I attempted processing them 2-3 times. It never worked. It had all sorts of problems: poor framing due to wrong lens choice (it was a 50mm, and I really should have gone for something longer), exposure issues (blue hour works fine for cities, not so much for landscapes) and simply put the general lack of this "magic" component that makes some photos special. Don't get me wrong, the view was stunning, it's just that I failed to make the best of it.

Some aggressive cropping and heavy processing later, here it is. I'm still not entirely satisfied with the outcome. It's got a nice symmetry between the light streaks and the shoreline in the bottom, it has interesting skies, but still no "magic"... Oh well, maybe next time.

Lake Pukaki

Despite my dissatisfaction with this photo, it fared quite well on some photo sharing sites, which just strengthens my opinion that the scores there aren't indicative of quality. (2014-02-18, Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand)