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Lítla Dímun

I was approached by Qusay Al Ansari, a writer from Belgrade, about using the photo below for a cover of his book. Had it been a normal, commercial publishing house I would have asked for a normal, commercial price for it, or simply refused outright. But since it was a self published, "indie" title I decided to help out a fellow artist for free.

I understand how it may be perceived as "spoiling the market" by some, but for me it isn't. I do sell some of my photographs through stock sites, but those are the photos I consider to be of little value to me. On the other hand, there are the photos I showcase here, which are more of personal works (I avoid the term "artistic") and which I value on emotional, rather than monetary, scale.

Litla Dimun, Faroe Islands

I don't understand Serbian so I didn't read the book, but if you do, you can check out Velika Tajna on Smashwords. I hope it's good.