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Approaching Mt. Doom

Here's another photo taken while hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This has clearly been the most inspiring of all the places I visited during our NZ trip. For this hike you get up in the middle of the night, get on a bus (booking in advance required!) which takes you to the base of the volcano and you start climbing just as the first rays of sunlight peek over the mountains around.

The clear weather of the dawn turned into an unbelievably dense fog while we hiked up to South Crater. It lasted long enough to let me take a few photos, but luckily cleared up afterwards not to spoil the views. Truly, the weather gods were in a good mood that day.

Approaching Mt. Doom

Normally I don't deviate so much from the original colors of the photo, but somehow this feels perfectly fitting -- it's Sauron's territory after all! (2014-03-05 Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand)