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One bridge in Hobbiton

He who is without a photo taken in midday sun, let him cast the first rock... Sometimes the conditions aren't what they should be or it is the wrong time of the day, and so the photo you're taking won't be perfect. But if you know you're not coming back anytime soon, if ever, I think it's better to take the shot anyway. It won't be one worthy of putting in a portfolio, but could make a nice keepsake anyway.

My main gripe with Hobbiton is that it's open only during the day. I would love to visit during a golden hour one day and just stroll around freely instead of listening to a guide, but they didn't come up with such an offer catering to photographers' needs. Unless of course you're Trey Ratcliff.

A bridge in Hobbiton

They are working on illuminating the whole village for evening tours, so maybe there's still hope. (2014-03-06 Hobbiton Movie Set, Matamata, New Zealand)