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Hiking upside down

I'm back from my first trip to the part of the world where people walk upside down. It's been three weeks in New Zealand full of sightseeing and hiking. Not so much taking photos. Oh, the irony -- I managed to trash a lens. Literally, my tripod tipped over and my Sigma 10-20 ended its life in a shallow stream near Routeburn Track. Fortunately I managed to get a replacement pretty quickly and at a descent price thanks to the nice people in a camera shop in Queenstown.

The volcano below is Mt. Ngauruhoe which played Mount Doom in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings series. This photo was taken on Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a one-day hike which is so beautiful it could be in itself a reason enough to visit this remote country.

Mt. Ngauruhoe, New Zealand

The downside of this hike is definitely the number of people taking it. I guess we all want to see this amazing place... (2014-03-05 New Zealand, Tongariro Crossing)